Watch the CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex March 31st 2021 Community Webcast

Join the CA Plex/2E community for the March 31st webcast. Community President Roger Griffith updated the community on the latest news, and got a head start on gathering input for the next one which will likely be October 2021.

CA Plex/2E Customer Technical Presentations:

1. E-mail and Text Messaging from Plex (On Steroids!), Roger Griffith, Eaglesun Systems Products, and Kiyoshi Terasawa, CM First Group

This session demonstrates how Eaglesun Systems Products has integrated “Twilio SendGrid/SMS API” into their Plex application to deliver cutting edge e-mail and text messaging solutions using Plex. Most Plex applications can send e-mail messages, but how many applications can track the status (Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, etc.) of the e-mail once it has been sent? By using a third-party messaging platform (in this case Twilio), Eaglesun Systems Products was able to develop a cutting edge E-Mail/Text Messaging solutions using Plex.

2. Getting Wild and Crazy with you 2E DSPFIL by Russell Berkeley, ICS Courier

Topics included the following:

  • Refresh the data automatically
  • Have a field (or fields) display different colours based on a condition
  • Convert the DSPFIL from 80 column display to a 132 Column 5250 display
  • Launch a local web browser and access google maps for an address from the 5250 display
  • Use QCMDEXC to invoke CL commands eg. WRKACTJOB, WRKSPLF, STRSQL
  • Use SysReq 3 to get a WRKJOB instead of a DSPJOB

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Date and Time

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 10-11AM CST


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