Video: Watch the CA 2E (SYNON) and CA Plex June 9th 2021 Community Webcast

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Community President Roger Griffith opened the meeting with an update on plans for the next CA Community Conference, to be held October 25-27, 2021. The conference is made better with your input and hands-on help every year, so attendees were invited to come with ideas and plan for a robust discussion to help this year’s conference be the best it can be.

Technical Lightning Talks:

1. “Implementing a Web-based Rich Text Editor” by Lily Taharudin

If you are transitioning from CA Plex C++ client-server applications to CA Plex CM WebClient web applications, you will need to find replacements for your outdated ActiveX components. In the session we will demonstrate the implementation of a JavaScript-based Rich Text Editor component that can be used in CA Plex WebClient applications. You will get an appreciation of how a JavaScript component can be integrated into your Plex web application.

2. “The Q Command” by Russell Berkeley, ICS Courier

This presentation is for anyone on the IBM i platform. The “Q” command allows you to quickly view a physical file from the command line, for example:

On the command line: RUNQRY *N *libl/PIA5REP gets replaced with Q PIA5REP to quickly view the data.

The “Q” command has been enhanced over the years to give the user the ability to accomplish so much more. More to come in the lightning talk.

Webcast Date and Time

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 10-11AM CST


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