Our hands-on sessions provide a great deal of value to the community, so we take great care in crafting them based on real-world needs. To get there, we solicit (and receive!) lots of detailed input from the community through our webinars and follow-up contact. We’ve collected a great deal of feedback to date and believe we have the industry’s best lineup of hands on training sessions for this year’s conference.

Our Impact Analysis hands-on training sessions for both CA Plex and CA 2E will use state of the art automated static analysis to demonstrate how to scope, plan, and execute complex application changes. This type of analysis has many use cases and will bring lots of useful read-world experience for both Plex and 2E developers. This session should not be missed.

CA Plex

In the C++ to C#/Java (CM) workshop, we will discuss migrating Plex C++ applications to C# or Java. We’ll focus on questions like ‘what is your best migration path?’ then talk about ‘Common platform migration tips’ and ‘C#/Java specific tips’ to round out the session.

Plex Web Generation is a hot topic for CA Plex IT managers and engineers. In this workshop, we will look into how to create and publish Rest API services by wrapping your Plex code using modern Java tools. We will also use an approach to consume Rest APIs directly from your Plex Java code.


Many customers look broadly at CA 2E Platform Migrations as they contemplate the uneasy task of leaving IBM i behind. We will get hands on with some practical issues around integrations, performance, and other considerations to help you smooth and focus your overall strategy for more confidence.

In the RESTful Web Services workshop, we will cover deploying web services on the IBMi. We will review basic concepts of REST Web Services. Everyone will get experience in deploying REST services manually with CA 2E and automated with CM Matchpoint.

If you’re all signed up, take a look at the sessions to see what we have in store and plan your days. If you haven’t registered, click here and do it now. We’ve moved to a Free/Donation model (learn more here), so don’t hesitate to get in on the action now.

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