There is excitement in the air as we get closer to the Plex/2E Virtual Conference.  Our Webcasts have been heavily attended, and the registrations are coming in at a steady pace.  It is clear that the Plex/2E Community is ready for another premier event, and that is exactly what we are working hard to deliver.

If you have not net registered, please go to our web site to register.  Please click on the Session link, and vote for the sessions you are most interested in and be sure to visit this web site on a regular basis for updates.  The session grid will evolve once we get speakers and session leaders, and the voting is tabulated.  We will be posting instructions on how you can order your official conference t-shirt ($15).

The Plex/2E User Community has some of the most brilliant minds in the ARAD/4GL application development space.  We have been delivering world class software solutions for decades.  As a group, the knowledge and skills that exist in this community are second to none.  The focus of this Plex/2E User Community is to collaborate in a spirit of fellowship, to share our experiences and wealth of knowledge.  If you have experience in any of the items that we have posted on our session grid, I am asking you to please volunteer to be a speaker (45 minute session or 10 minute lightening talk) or session leader.  You can reach out to me at Roger@plex2E.com.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Roger Griffith – President, Plex/2E Worldwide User Community


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