Walk Or Bike Ladybird Lake Trail

Highly-rated spot for spectacular views, sunsets and nice walks. Lady bird lake is the epitome of the Austin lifestyle. The river like reservoir on the Colorado River is filled with people taking advantage of this stretch and backdrop of the downtown Austin skyline making it a great destination in all seasons. There are also several parks nearby, such as Zilker park and Auditorium shores to get an outdoor experience.

Mount Bonnell & Pennybacker Bridge

Mount Bonnell overlooking Austin provides one of the most greatest views in Austin. It is a bit of a hike but the view won’t disappoint. Picture-perfect moments and sunset spots! The Pennybacker Bridge, also known as the “Capital of Texas Highway,” is widely considered one of the most scenic urban drives in Texas, in large part due to this arched weathering-steel bridge and the rolling hills that flank the road. You will not go wrong with the view.

Walk South Congress St.

Spend the day exploring South Congress. A dozen delicious places to eat, and interesting shops, street musicians and a feel for the city and the Capital is just a mile away.

Visit the state capitol

If it’s in Texas, it must be bigger and better. That is the motto that architects followed with the Capitol Building in Austin and it sure is a beauty. Spend an hour or two walking around this gorgeous building and the beautiful lawn just outside.

Oasis on the Lake

As the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas, The Oasis has earned the reputation as the Sunset Capital of Texas, Known as the best sunset view in Texas. Make sure you’re there at dusk, Only 10 minutes away from Concordia university. The Oasis Brewery is on the second floor if you want to chill and grab a beer and enjoy the view.

Attend a Texas Football Tailgate

If you are attending the conference, you are in luck because it is football season! You should hit up a Texas football tailgate! You can basically wander through campus with plenty of free drinks offered, so just pick one and enjoy the Texas crowds!

Crazy about BBQ, Pick, choose and refuse!

Franklin BBQ
One of the best BBQ joints in the world. Famous politicians to stop by. BBQ lovers start lining up around 7am for their world famous brisket.

Terry Black BBQ
Another great BBQ spot in Austin. If you know you want to chow down, this is the place to be. Their sides are amazing if you happen to be traveling with someone that is a vegetarian.

Salt Lick BBQ
The environment is truly southern and the BBQ really lives up to expectations. If you’re craving something delicious but don’t want the insane wait, then I would say Salt lick BBQ is your bet!