The conference is only days away, and we couldn’t be more eager to drop the checkered flag and hit the gas.

If you haven’t yet registered, now would be a good time to do it and set yourself up for a three-day event packed with deep-learning experiences that are unparalleled. To get the most of the conference, think of it as an evolving, interactive resource for cutting-edge skill development that you can make use of anywhere, anytime, that will level up your expertise for years to come.

If you attend in-person, engaging with your trainers and fellow developers in business and fun will crystallize your knowledge in ways you won’t find any other way.

When you fly home from the conference, or close your zoom session for the last time we offer access to all of the training session materials so you can reinforce or sharpen your skills in the weeks and months after the conference.

If you can’t make the conference this year, or just want to check in on the high-level highlights only, you can now register for a free general sessions only admission and stream the IBM, A&I / Broadcom, and Hopzero Security Sessions. Does not include Breakout or Training sessions.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!