The power of Plex lies in its ability to develop an application in an abstract model and generate that application in native code for multiple platforms. For decades, most of us have been deploying our applications using the WinC client. Plex has been extended in recent versions to allow us to take our applications and generate them in native C# for the .Net platform.

Many of us in the Plex community are looking at this .Net generator as part of a future initiative to keep our applications modern and fresh. There are many considerations involved in the migration to this platform. I am looking for one or two Plex users who are using the .Net generator to share their experience in the process of migrating to this platform. If you are actively using this .Net generator, I would like to hear from you.

This could be a series of lightning talks, or a 45-minute session where you are the featured speaker. This could be the most relevant session ever presented, because many in the Plex community are looking at this generator as part of their future strategy to keep their Plex applications modern.

You can reach out to me at Roger@plex2E.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Roger Griffith – President, Plex/2E Worldwide User Community