HOPZERO CTO and founder Bill Alderson, our Tuesday keynote speaker, promises to reveal a treasure trove of insights concerning cybersecurity. To sweeten the deal, all attendees will be handed a free copy of his “SolarWinds Breach” research analysis paper, a great value in its own right.

His address topics, ranging from phony packets and his $5 million My Pillow Guy lawsuit to ransomware and beyond is backed by a great deal of industry experience.

According to his bio, Bill is a “Network security analyst guiding enterprises to secure, robust trouble-free application infrastructure.” Before founding HOPZERO, Bill was Principal Services Architect at CA Technologies (Broadcom).

His more recent experience is just a small sample of Bill’s credentials.

  • Led 9/11 Pentagon communications recovery team
  • Guided US Military iraq & Afghanistan 2006-2013
  • Guided US Stock Market recovery from DDOS attack
  • Certified 3500 Network Forensic Security Experts

Anyone who deals with cybersecurity issues, either personally or professionally, or interested in the topic, should make sure they attend or log in to acquire some great intel.

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