Our second conference webcast is over and was a great success as we plan for the October Virtual Conference. Conference sessions, sponsorship, and registration details were discussed among others. If you missed the webinar, take a look at the video to get caught up.

About the Webinar

The Plex/2E Virtual Conference is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever!

We had a tremendous Webcast on July 8th to kickstart conference planning, complete with lots of poll questions and feedback about what sessions we can offer to make the October conference a success for everyone. We convened and developed a proposed schedule of sessions based on your feedback. We think it’s a great start to build on with your continued input, continued in this webinar.

The webinar covered sessions in more depth, and even had a few of the speakers scheduled who will highlight their sessions to whet your appetite. We discussed the various platforms that we will be using to spread the good news about the conference, the process of registering for the conference, and some free gifts and promotional items we are offering for early registration.

Take a look at the video embedded above to catch up if you missed the webinar.

If you volunteer to be a Speaker or Session Leader, we have some special incentives for you (please view this Webinar to find out what they are). I can assure you that this Webinar will show you beyond any shadow of a doubt that this renewed Plex/2E Worldwide User Community is the place to be, and your resource for getting the most out of your investment in these tools. All of the cool kids will be there.

Topics of the September 2nd webinar included:

* Preview Lightning Talks
* Russell Berkeley- List of 2E topics
* Mark Schroeder – preview of 8.7.1 release highlights
* Rob McBride – SQL REST Services on the IBM i using IWS

Webinar Event Date and Time
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 10-11AM CST

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