On the surface, the CA 2E CA Plex Developer Conference, our 12th, is a three-day event packed with deep-learning experiences. Now that we’re building up the conference to be the best that it can be with the help of the greater CA 2E CA Plex community in a newer hybrid in-person and virtual format, one thing is very clear: The conference is best viewed, and utilized, as a continuing master resource for cutting-edge skill development that you can make use of anywhere, anytime.

Before the conference, you can engage with the community and help develop the training sessions. The Community meetings are a great way to keep up with the current progress and plans. Keeping up with the input, feedback, and concerns of your fellow developers is a good way to keep up on the challenges they face, and that you may someday face, too.

Of course, the conference itself is a three-day deep dive that will reap benefits forever. If you attend in-person, the back-and-forth you engage in with your fellow developers in business and fun, will inform you and crystallize your knowledge in ways you won’t find any other way.

When you fly home from the conference, or close your zoom session for the last time, the benefits don’t stop there. They compound. For registered conference attendees, we offer access to all of the training session materials so you can reinforce or sharpen your skills in the weeks and months after the conference.

So get your conference ticket now, and reap the rewards starting right now and in the months to come.